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The Shining Light Ministry


(Ministry to the Blind, Established in April, 1993)

Bible Brethren Church has a compassionate heart for the spiritual needs of the blind. This is best evidenced by the work of Marlo and Coreen Ketchum.

Eleven months a year they produce and mail a 90 minute taped “magazine” for the blind. Each has music, a Bible message, prayer requests and news items of interest to blind people. These are available and sent in English anywhere in the world.

Marlo has been blind since birth and has been trained to offer advice and spiritual advice to other blind people. Coreen assists him in many areas.

When tapes are returned some come with questions or prayer requests. Marlo and Coreen spend many hours a month responding to these. They also receive phone calls (301-797-7823) asking for help. They read and write in Braille to help the sightless.

Over the years of this ministry they have helped several hundred and have seen several saved.

Our Vision

Bible Brethren’s vision is worldwide.  For the past several years over 60% of our income has gone to missions.  By “missions” we refer to Gospel work beyond the reach of our local church.  We support several missionary agencies, several missionaries with mission agencies, and act as a sending agent ourselves.

We oversaw Bob and Wilma Feather in Greece and presently oversee Robynn Reno, Hannah Reno and John and Fernanda Reno in Brazil.  We also provide advice and services to several other missionaries.

We sponsor a ministry to the blind, the Indian Scripture Library and have workers specializing in evangelizing Jewish and Roman Catholic peoples.

Our motto is “The Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible”.  Our creed is Christ, and our confession is that Jesus is LORD.  Our vision is the world.  We preach the crucified, risen, ascended and returning Christ.