January 2011 Update


Reno Family in Brazil


Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support throughout 2010.  As we look back over the last month we are humbled at all the doors the Lord opened for us and are excited as we look forward to all that the Lord will do for us in 2011.

In November, Robynn heard about a women’s prison that has 49 foreign residents, 20 of which are from 2 Portuguese speaking countries in Africa.  The prison is located in Fortaleza, a day’s trip by bus.  The Lord placed a special burden on Robynn’s heart for these women and we began to pray about what the Lord would have her to do.  She felt that Christmas cards with a gospel tract might be a good way to start.  After Dani called and checked to be sure we would be allowed to send them, we got busy making 50 Christmas cards.  With the cards we sent a gospel tract, Gospels of John and an invitation to do Bible correspondence lessons.  As far as we can tell from the internet tracking information, the box still has not arrived.  Please pray with us for its safe arrival and most of all for the Lord to use His Word in the hearts of these women.

Many of you remember the daily devotionals we have distributed other years.  This year we were able to order 300.  Besides giving them to people from our church and Sunday Schools, we handed them out in stores, pharmacies, the post office, bakery and even the hospital.  Robynn was able to give them to the Secretary of Education for our city and for the twenty people that work in her office.

John and Fernanda had to be in Belem on the 23rd.  Fernanda stopped in at the hospital where Roberto spent 11 days in Intensive Care, with Christmas cards and devotionals for the mothers with babies in ICU over Christmas.  One of the nurses asked her about that little book she was handing out!

On Christmas Eve Robynn, Hannah and four of our teens went Christmas caroling in the hospital and gave them to the patients and visiting family members.  We also were able to take one to a neighbor who has been very closed.  How surprised we were when she invited us to sit down and chat.  After giving her the devotional, she began to ask questions including whether she would be allowed to come visit our church!!!  Please pray much for our neighbor who is hoping to come with her daughter and friend.

El-Shadai Bible Church worked together to distribute 25 Christmas baskets to needy families after the Christmas program on the 22nd.  Now we are busy preparing for Children’s VBS and a week of teen camp.  For the first time, we will be dividing our workers in two groups for children’s VBS.  (January 10-14) One group will stay at the church and the other will go to the school to work with the children in that neighborhood.   We covet your prayers for both VBS’s but especially the one at the school as we try once again to reach out to this neighborhood where the work is struggling.  Please also pray for the week of teen day camp.  (January 24-28)  Carlos from El Shadai is scheduled to speak to our teens.  Please pray for him as well as the young people.

Thanks once again for all of your prayers!


The Renos in Brazil

John Reno Family
John, Fernanda and Roberto on the night of his baby dedication.

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