March 2011 Update

image          Reno Update from Brazil


Praise the Lord

1. Fernanda is feeling much better.

2. John and Fernanda have an appointment in Brasilia for the end of April about Fernanda’s visa. They also have started paperwork for Roberto’s citizenship!

3. We were able to purchase a scooter this month and now are waiting for Robynn and Hannah’s licenses to be delivered.

4. Robynn and Hannah were asked to give a workshop during teacher orientation. They were able to teach about the fear of the Lord to 55 – 60 teachers as well as distribute nearly 100 Bibles.

5. We have seen many visitors in the evening church service at El-Shadai this month. This past Sunday we had ten.

6. Several SS children have memorized 10 verses to earn their own Bible and many others will soon finish!

7. Two women prisoners have returned the first Bible lesson.



8. We were able to distribute more devotionals at our military police headquarters, civil police station and our regional hospital.

March Prayer Requests!

1. March 1st classes begin at Emanuel Bible Institute. Dani continues to prepare for missions in Africa. Please pray as we make plans for a survey trip to Africa at the end of this year.

In addition to morning classes with Dani, there will be a Tuesday evening class on Creative Teaching Methods with five students.

2. March 5th – 8th Acampadentro is tentatively planned for the teens during the Carnival holiday season.

3. March 12th John and Fernanda will be

starting youth meetings again.

4. March 12th We will begin offering English classes to the public as a way to help with library operating costs and as a way to make some new contacts.



Please pray for students to sign up as well as wisdom in working with these new contacts.

5. March 16th Hannah begins teaching Bible and English to four classes of 4th graders at a school here in Salinas. Please continue to pray that she will be allowed into the school in the village of Nazare.

6. March 19th Robynn and Hannah will be starting a Bible club in their garage for children.

7. March 26th John will hold a baptismal service.

8. Fernanda plans on starting monthly ladies meetings this month also.

***John, Fernanda and Roberto are planning to arrive in the States in June for furlough. If you would like them to come by a visit, please contact Pastor Paul Reno (301-739-8585) or John at .

Thanks so much for your prayers and support!!!


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