Indian Scripture Library

In 2007 we heard from Wil Carter of his search for scriptures which had been translated into his tribal language of Cheyenne.  After much prayer and searching we located a copy on the shelves of an Antiquarian Bookseller in Indiana.  This was used to produce copies of John, Romans and Ephesians in parallel Cheyenne and English (KJV).

Thus the Indian Scripture Library was born and now houses many tribal scriptures (see the list for how many and which).  We search, locate, obtain, evaluate, and have them available for study and evangelism.  We would welcome aid in adding to this collection.  As of October 2010, we have been consulted on helping in 4-5 other tribes.

Indian Scriptures Currently in Our Library

AlgonquinNew TestamentCanadian Bible Society1998
AlgonquinMistaken Notions of Algonkin GrammarJ. Mammond Trumbull2
Apache (English)New TestamentAmerican Bible Society
Apache (Western)The Gospel of JohnAmerican Bible Society1966
ArapahoeLukeAmerican Bible Society19032
Arkiaria (Caddo, Wichita)Bible Translations and HymnsFort Berthold Mission Yale-Beinecke Library1900
BlackfootMatthewRev. John William Tims1890
BlackfootReadings from the Holy ScripturesLondon: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Hathitrust1890
CherokeeGenesisMission Press/archive.org1856
CherokeeCompleteGlobal Bible Society18602
Cherokee-EnglishNew Testament
CheyenneThe Four GospelsAmerican Bible Society1934
Cheyenne(Northern)-EnglishJohn and Romans2
Chinook (Alkomaylum)Indian Methodist Hymn BookThos. Crosby, Chas. Tate, Wm. H. Baraclough18982
ChippewaNew Testament1833
ChoctawNew TestamentGlobal Bible Society
ChoctawThe Books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth New York American Bible Society19132
ChoctawThe Book of PsalmsNew York American Bible Society19182
English- ChoctawCompleteGlobal Bible Society2009
Comanche and EnglishThe Gospel of MarkAmerican Bible Society 1958/ Global Bible Society 20151958/20152
CreeNew TestamentBritish and Foreign Bible Society18762
CreePsalmsBritish and Foreign Bible Society/Bro Gil Hathitrust1876
Coastal CreeJohnCanadian Bible Society1979
James Bay CreeNew TestamentCanadian Bible Society20012
Moose CreeNew TestamentCanadian Bible Society19912
OjiCreeMarkCanadian Bible Society1994, 2007
Western CreeNew TestamentCanadian Bible Society2000
CreekThe Gospel of JohnThe Domestic and Indian Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention18602
Creek (Muskogee)New TestamentAmerican Bible Society1892
DakotaThe Gospel of John
DakotaNew TestamentAmerican Bible Society1871
DakotaPsalterThe New York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society The Indian Commision of the Protestant Episcopal Church18912
DakotaHoly Bible (printed Old Testament)American Bible Society1883
DelawareForty-six Select Scripture Narrtives from the Old TestamentDaniel Fanshaw1838
DelawareHarmony of the GospelsDaniel Fanshaw1821
EskimoJoshua - EstherBritish and Foreign Bible Society1869
Artic EskimoRuthCanadian Bible Society1976
Copper EskimoThe Four Gospels and ActsCanadian Bible Society1972
Eskimo (Inuit) (Labrador)New TestamentBritish and Foreign Bible Society/Bro Gil1876, 1878
HopiNew TestamentAmerican Bible Society, Wycliffe1972, 2012
Eastern Artic InuktitutNew Testament and PsalmsCanadian Bible Society1992, 2008
Inuktitut (Labrador)Matthew, Mark, Luke (same as above?)British and Foreign Bible Society/Bro Gil1813
Inuktitut (Labrador)IsaiahBritish and Foreign Bible Society/Bro Gil1903
MaliseetTen Commandments and the Lord's PrayerMicmac Missionary Society18632
MaliseetJohnBritish and Foreign Bible Society1870
MikmakActs of the ApostlesBritish and Foreign Bible Society18032
MikmakThe Book of PsalmsBritish and Foreign Bible Society18592
MikmakLukeBritish and Foreign Bible Society1856
MikmakNew Testament (w/o John, Acts)Halifax/Google1871
Mikmak?JohnHalifax/ Bro Gil Hathitrust1854
Mikmak?ActsBritish and Foreign Bible Society/Bro Gil Hathitrust1863
MohawkThe Book of RuthCanadian Bible Society
MohawkPsalms and HymnsNew England Corporation/Bro Gil Hathitrust1839
MohawkIsaiahAmerican Bible Society1839
Mohawk/IroquoisGospelsJohn Lovell & Son, British and Foreign Bible Society1880
MohawkActs-RevelationYoung Men's Bible Society of New York1835, 1836
Mohawk1&2 CorinthiansYoung Men's Bible Society of New York/ Bro Gil Hathitrust1836
NaskapiNew Testament2007
NavajoNew Testament, Psalms and ProverbsAmerican Bible Society1975
NavajoCompleteAmerican Bible Society1985
Nez PercesMatthewAmerican Bible Society1871
Nez PercesLife of Jesus Christarchive.org1914
Northern Cheyenne/EnglishJohn and Romans2
Northern Ojibwe/SaulteauxGenesisCanadian Bible Society2000
Northern Ojibwe/SaulteauxNew TestamentCanadian Bible Society1994
Northern PaiuteNew TestamentBible League International, Wycliffe1985, 2012
Ojibwe (Ojibbeway)ActsThe Diocese of Moosonee, Rev J. Sanders19002
Ojibwe (Ojibbeway)Mattthew (syllabic)Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge/Bro Gil Hathitrust1880
OjibweNew TestamentAmerican Bible Society1844, 1856, 1875
Ojibwe (2 copies)PsalmsCanada Bible Society/ bro Gil Hathitrust1856
O'odham (Papago, Pima)New Testament1975, 2010
OsageSelections from Scriptures1834
PutawatomieMatthew, Acts1844
SenecaThe Gospel of JohnAmerican Bible Society1878
Seneca4 GospelsAmerican Bible Society1878
SlaveFour Gospels (syllabic)British and Foreign Bible Society/Bro Gil Hathitrust1886
Slave (Tenni)Acts + Epistles (syllabic)British and Foreign Bible Society/Bro Gil Hathitrust1891
SlaviFour GospelsBritish and Foreign Bible Society/Bro Gil Hathitrust1905
Teni (Slave)ActsBritish and Foreign Bible Society/Bro Gil Hathitrust1898
Teni (Slave)EpistlesBritish and Foreign Bible Society/Bro Gil Hathitrust1891
ShawneeMatthewThomas W. Alford18812
ShawneeFour GospelsThomas W. Alford18812
Tewa (Kiowa-Tenoan)Selected Books of the New TestamentBible League International1984, 2012
WinnebagoFour Gospels
WinnebagoFour Gospels, Acts, Genesis and Exodus 19 & 20John Stacy and J. Stucki/ American Bible Society19074
VariousEthnologue Vol 1 Languages of the WorldBarbara J. Grimes, Editor2000
The Book of A Thousand TonguesUnited Bible Societies
The Book of Common PrayerThe New York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society The Indian Commision of the Protestant Episcopal Church18912
The Bible in the Life of the Indians of the United StatesThomas C. Moffett, D.D. American Bible Society19162
Analysis of Indian Scriptures
Evaluating Versions of the New TestamentEverett W.Fowler
The Eliot Indian BibleSamuel Green and Marmaduke Johnson1663
Bibles of the American Indians: An Initial SurveyJ. Paul Reno2008
Bibles of the American Indians Scriptures 2nd EditionJ. Paul Reno2009