Track 1: Fill Up the Ranks

Track 2: Called Out

Track 3: It Pays to Serve Jesus

Track 7: Am I a Soldier of the Cross?

Track 8: Christ is All

Track 9: Let Me Lose My Life

Track 10: I Want to be Holy

Track 11: Let Others See Jesus in You

Track 12: Sweet Will of God

Track 13: O Teach Me What it Meaneth

Track 14: My House is Full

Track 16: Pray, Give, Go!

Track 17: O Zion, Haste

Track 18: Missionary Farewell

Track 19: Let Me Burn Out For Thee

Track 21: I Want to Die on This Battlefield

For the complete, high quality audio CD, including “Lord, Send Me Anywhere”, “People Need the Lord”, “Servant’s Heart”, “Set My Soul Afire”, “Have You No Scar?”, and “Look for Me at Jesus’ Feet”, contact J. Paul and Carolyn Reno, 17829 Woodcrest Rd. Hagerstown, MD 21740. Or phone: 301-739-8585. Or use our Contact Form.